It’s Only Make Believe

Sheila and I sit on the patio, laptops where they should be – on our laps – each lost in her own world of characters, plots, scenes, and dialogue. The dialogue is only in our heads, of course, until it leaks down our arms and onto our computer keyboards, eventually exiting fictional friends’ mouths. A [...]

I Am Enough!

Yikes! I just realized I haven’t posted since June 24. You might say my life has been out of control, and you would be right. I won’t bore you with details, but let’s just say this: “I wish the world would stop for a while and let me get caught up.” That’s not my quote, [...]

Beauty Really Is Only Skin Deep

A friend recently told me a story about a woman who struck up a relationship with him because she thought he had some money. He did, but that’s beside the point. The woman was beautiful. You might say she looked like “his type.” She presented herself as responsible, caring, intelligent, and fun. He was hopeful [...]

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung! Flowers bloom, bees buzz, and grass grows green.  Lawn mowers start with their own buzz. Walkers and joggers hit the trails, taking in fresh air with each footfall. Spirits can’t help but lift as promises of warmth and sunshine fill our heads and our hearts. What is it about Spring that makes [...]